Saturday, May 26, 2018
How is collaboration accelerating success in the autonomous driving ecosystem?
“Large companies typically fail at disruptive innovation because the top management team is dominated by individuals who have been selected for delivery skills, not discovery skills.” THE INNOVATOR’S DNA,CLAYTON M.CHRISTENSEN The book which deeply influenced Steve Jobs, Innovator’s Dilemma explains how disruptive technologies can cause great firms to fail. Failing to adopt an innovation can cause organizations to fallback. However, adopting...
Consumer trends and behaviors are changing rapidly with advances in technology.The keyword "Beauty" is one of the most searched terms on the web with almost 4 billion queries received annually according to estimation by L’Oréal. They want beauty to be closely connected with technology.That's what is connected beauty all about. Nowadays, consumers interested in beauty care want to see how technology can...
An organization's success depends on its ability to innovate. Innovation is necessary for any organization to survive in this fast paced environment, either to stay in the market, gain competitive advantage or ultimately make revenue. But in this process of solving a problem, organizations fail in their innovation approaches. Failure may not only be credited to innovation alone but...
Every Industry’s approach is different when it comes to innovation. All the industries have to innovate, but not all innovate at an equal pace. The most common measurement of innovativeness for a company in the industry is measured by the amount of patents they apply for in any given year. Besides number of patents, the other criteria are volume,...

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