Tuesday, January 26, 2021
From high-tech wearables to voice-assisted home robots and round-the-clock health-monitoring devices, CES 2021 saw it all. Major tech companies seized the opportunity to showcase innovative products that trigger a real revolution in elderly care living and assistance in the more networked, remote, and digital world
CES 2021, albeit digital this time, stood up to what it represents: the largest tech event showcasing cutting edge innovations. Smart homes, digital health, and fitness got much-deserved attention this year, amidst the recent pandemic.
In this growth leader article series so far, we have covered how growth is being driven by the leaders/decision-makers from the below functions: InnovationResearch & DevelopmentDigital Transformation Regarding current business...
Digital transformation, potentially one of the most used terms, slogan since a decade. Every organization, every industry has this as a part of their agenda for sure, and it's going to continue for years to come. Gartner's...
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