Who are we?

Ideapoke is a Technology driven Open Innovation Platform helping organizations to connect and collaborate with right partners across the globe to solve their Innovation needs, technical R&D and new product development challenges.In other words, we help in connecting like-minded partners to help you in Product Innovation Approaches.

about-ideapokeIdeapoke’s proprietary technology uses big data analytics and matching algorithm to find the best possible solution provider.Turn your Innovative Ideas into Reality through Partner Collaboration.It’s the best way to accelerate innovation by making use of Open Innovation approach.Explore how Ideapoke can help you in achieving your innovations goals and achieve higher ROI!

Ideapoke’s Global Partner Ecosystem comprises of

• 180,000+ niche startups/SME’s
• 2700+ Research labs of Universities across the globe
• 2.4 million + technologies

In the 5th year of our existence, we have built a happy and loyal Customer Base comprising of Fortune 500 companies like L’Oréal, Haier, IFB, Electrolux, Philips,Reliance Industries, Unilever, Yamaha, ABB, Aditya Birla Group, Bosch, Coca Cola, Ceat Tyres and many more.

Our Services

Leverage the services of Ideapoke to keep your innovation initiatives on track Ideapoke’s offers two solutions to Enterprises as well as Partners

Technology Scouting
Technology Landscape

Ideapoke has been helping organizations increase their bottom-line by doing the following:
• New Product Development / Innovation
• Technology Transfer
• Cross Pollination
• Overcome Productivity/ Efficiency Challenges
• Scouting for experts in the specialized area

Vision & Mission

Ideapoke’s vision is to democratize innovation and create a platform that provides “Innovation as a Service”.

We believe innovative ideas can come from anywhere, from anyone and these can be realized through sharing and collaboration.

Visit http://blog.ideapoke.com/innovate/ for more information

Check us out at https://www.ideapoke.com/ or contact us at
+91 80 4372 3204 | +1 651 204 2720

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