The focus of agriculture industry is towards increasing soil fertility, crop productivity and to provide an eco-friendly alternative to harsh, environment degrading chemical fertilizers.But with the increase in awareness of harmful effects of chemical based fertilizers and pesticides, people are switching to organic farming. Recent advent of innovations in biofertilizers provides a new role model in agriculture sector. These technologies will provide lot of enhanced features in agriculture and boost innovation in agriculture industry. Ideapoke will take you to the journey to drown deep into the ocean of innovation.

coated-seedsFertilizer Coated seed: This grass requires less water, has faster root development and consistent growth without the need of fertilizer to make your lawn look marvelous.

Also, innovators are claiming it to be excellent cold tolerant and brown patch resistant. These all features are achieved by coating seed with fertilizer and a special water adsorbent coating.

The fertilizer coatings will enable it to less dependent on additional fertilizers required for growth as it will supply optimum about of nutrients to the grass. The water adsorbent coating will help in moisture retention and thus will require less water.

microbe-coated-seedMicrobe Coated seed: This seed can grow in less water and even in depleted soil. The farmers are facing tremendous complications due to tough climate, decreasing water sources, and depleted soil.

Insects, fungus, and other microbes add more obstacles. The seed is coated with specially designed solution of bacteria and fungi. There are more than 40,000 microbes which companies has shortlisted. Out of these, only few who match the criteria were meticulously selected. This unique coating will help in growing the crop in same soil without changing soil. This coating will enable to increase nitrogen content of soil. The crop will be able to replenish soil nutrients,thus enabling crop to come across all the hurdles.

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