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Artificial intelligence has left the realm of science fiction and is now in our phones, computers and even in the cars driven by us. Artificial intelligence has become a favourite trend in CES 2020, and many brands are keen on utilising this technology to deliver personalized, consumer-centric solutions to drive business. Artificial intelligence has emerged as a common theme at this year’s massive tech-fest, which spans everything from connected healthcare, streaming services, all things IoT, robotics and, yes, even humanoid avatars.

What the big companies demonstrated
Virtual assistants have always been popular and are becoming a commonplace. Google announced that it has improved the Google Assistant to make homes smarter. Amazon’s Alexa is being integrated to the entertainment systems in automobiles for on the go connectivity. Samsung’s new Neon project was unveiled at the Las Vegas Convention center. The company has developed an AI humanoid avatar which has been described as a computationally created virtual being that looks and behaves like a real human, with the ability to show emotions and intelligence. Bosch presented a reimagined sun visor which uses AI to eliminate sun glare while driving.

The beauty industry has also begun to utilise AI in its technology. L’Oréal Technology Incubator unveiled L’Oréal Perso – smart device with an AI based mobile application which creates custom formulas for lipstick, foundation, and skin care. ICON.AI, the smart beauty device maker behind the world’s 1st All-in-one Multi-Function Smart Makeup Mirror Device was named as CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honouree for Venus, Smart Makeup Mirror with built in AI assistant. China’s Canaan displayed Kendryte K210, an AI chip that integrates machine vision and machine hearing functions.

The startups were not left behind
Startups garnered attention with their AI based innovations at CES 2020. Indian based urban farming startup, Altifarm’s latest product Sandbox is an artificial intelligence/machine learning autonomous grow box that takes care of all variables related to growing plants. Streaming device Dabby debuted at CES 2020, which uses Dynamic Credentials AI to break down the barriers between streaming services like Hulu, Netflix. Envision uses AI to give sight back to the visually impaired using smartphones and smartglasses. HoloAsh, Inc developed holographic AI companions to help individuals with ADHD.

Apart from using AI for conventional purposes, this year AI was also seen being implemented on quirky innovative gadgets. Yoganotch uses AI to help you improve your yoga practice by sensor that can be worn on your clothes which uses AI and will be capable of teaching yoga. Smartypans is an AI utilising pan makes your cooking smart. LuluPet AI Smart Cat Litter Box, the world’s first litter box with built-in AI algorithms, received the CES 2020 Innovation award. ForwardX Robotics introduces Ovis Suitcase, world’s first AI powered suitcase that self-navigates through terminals.
Artificial intelligence is significantly changing business operations, as virtually all industries integrate it across multiple fields, and it was widely observed at CES 2020.

Key Takeaways:

  • Artificial Intelligence was a major trend at CES 2020 with most companies trying to incorporate it with their innovations
  • AI has not been limited just to computer, smart home, robotics and is slowly being adapted in IoT based technology, digital health and entertainment.
  • AI is being utilised to make customer centric products that deliver a personalised experience to the user
  • AI is being implemented to make mundane activities like exercising, cooking, caring for a pet, and traveling, easier and interesting.
  • AI is set to change the marketplace for technological innovations.

About CES:
Organized annually at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), Consumer Technology Association’s flagship trade show has been the perfect location in the technology arena for trendspotting. Over 4,500 exhibitors with nearly 20,000 new transformative tech products have been a part of CES 2020. Emerging technologies such as AI, AR, VR, microelectronics and data are empowering a new wave of precise, on-demand self-care solutions among companies. This year’s show was insightful as it has been observed that companies are focused towards Human Centric innovations that combine hardware and software to create personalized experiences. Technologies oriented towards healthcare, beauty, wellness and lifestyle has also gained limelight at the CES 2020. With consumers becoming more socially responsible, companies have adjusted their products by focusing on sustainability.

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