AI has been the most used word in the CES 2019 show. Majority of the companies have leveraged this technology asth ecore technology of their product or used it to build a added service to their existing product line. Voice assistant based AI system is the most commonly used user interface.

CES 2019 showed artificial intelligence will influence every aspect of our lives. Starting from assisting the sounds you hear, capturing what you want to watch till monitoring your behavior in your car, CES had interesting AI based inventions this year.

For consumers, AI will primarily be in the form of digital voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant and Samsung Bixby, as well as in smart appliances ranging from smart speakers to smart homes.

KAIZN™, World’s 1st Personal AI Assistant in Hearing Care, constantly learns about users’ behaviors, hearing needs & sound preferences, prompting users to indicate needs in different sound environments & situations. It can over time automatically optimize sound settings where/when needed.

Wearable company Vuzix’s latest smart glasses, called Blade, is the first pair of Alexa-compatible smart glasses. Vuzix is also looking into adding Google Assistant to the Blade in the future.Pet-device maker PetCube joined the voice-assistant bandwagon and announced two smart pet cameras that let pet owners use Alexa commands to throw treats to their pets.

Hisense unveiled three new quantum dot-technology TVs for the U.S. market and a 254-centimetre TriChroma laser TV. All of these new models contain artificial intelligence chips, which detect what you’re watching and automatically improve the viewing experience.

AI startup Eyeris will know your car from the inside-out using the “Interior Image Segmentation.” technolgy, which uses multiple cameras to capture behavior and facial expressions that reveal the emotion of the driver and passengers. Every surface of the car, including footwells, door panels, the center stack, can be observed by the cameras.

LG Electronics showcased capabilities in their Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Driver Status Monitoring Camera and Multi-Purpose Front Camera.

The above were just few interesting exhibitions out of many other exciting inventions at CES 2019. Over all, AI was everywhere in the show from smarter products, smarter vehicles, smarter processes, smarter consumer goods, smarter tech solutions, and even smarter cities.

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