With more than 700 exhibitors including 60+ startup participants the automotive space has made a louder noise this year. We observe that In-vehicle innovations led the show with substantial progress towards the driverless vehicles dream.

It’s been a great show for Automotive industry at the CES 2019. Big firms shared the majority in the exhibitors list showcasing their efforts in the areas of HMI, Self-driving technologies. Partnerships with new entrants, digital technology providers working in Augmented Reality, Sensors, Software technologies, hydrogen refueling, EV Batteries, and many more, took the centre stage.

German auto giant Mercedes-Benz has teamed up with Garmin to create a smartwatch that can feed important health data back to your car. It’ll then figure out how calm or stressed you are and make changes to the car accordingly, including changing the air conditioning, seats, lighting and music. Toyota’s Guardian driver assist system is being developed to take over whenever a driver leaves a ‘safety envelope’ to help avoid and mitigate crash scenarios.

Honda unveiled its new Dream Drive innovation, which aims to deliver a whole new in-vehicle experience. It’ll allow drivers and passengers to exploit the vast array of goods and services that are available on the web, but from the safety and comfort of their cars.

More than 50 startups working in different areas of automotive has exhibited their technologies at the prestigious show. Drop Free Glass based on Electrowetting technology by Microsystems Co. Ltd. which adds self-cleaning property was one very interesting technology. GBatteries unveils fast charge demo on commercial battery pack at CES and NAIAS along with another startup in Ecarplug. Gbatteries claimed that they are able to charge the battery for 80% in less than 10minutes with the help of their propreitary Active Battery Management System.

Car health monitoring is an area which is still seeing many new inventions. Startup Lightfoot has developed a fit-bit for cars, while another startup Owl cameras Inc. has developed a in car security camera for driver safety. Out of few good sensors inventions, RETINA – 4D Image Radar with Deep Learning technology by Smart radar systems which uses patented antenna patterns which enable 1° resolution vertically and horizontally was very promising. RETINA’s dense 4D point cloud can recognize surrounding objects with deep learning neural net which makes it more efficient than the current systems available in the market. Mobileye, OSRAM, Vayyar, Velodyne, FLIR Systems, etc. are the other companies at the exhibition with some interesting developments.

Overall, it was an amazing automotive invention at CES,2019 filled with variety, addressing all the areas of the automotive ecosystem.

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