Sunday, July 21, 2019
Technology scouting & Open Innovation

How Technology Scouting Complements Open Innovation

Customers attentions spans are growing shorter. They need variety. Increasing their product portfolio, is a key growth source for most companies. However, developing a...

4 Reasons Why Organizations use Open Innovation

4 Top Reasons why Organizations use Open Innovation. When  Henry Chesbrough coined the term ‘Open Innovation’ in his book, ‘Open Innovation - The New Imperative...
NASA's Grand Challenge to Crowdsource

NASA’s grand challenge : Crowdsource to save our planet

NASA’s grand challenge : Crowdsourcing ideas to save the planet from asteroids We have learned in the last 20 years about how life evolved on planet...
Open Innovation in B2B Marketplace

Open Innovation in B2B Marketplace

Innovation in the Business-2-Business (B2B) world has generally been challenging and with the faster cycles of innovation and new business models, this market of...

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