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Your smart alarm wakes you up with cool mesmerizing colors of dawn and sweet chirping sounds of the birds. The intelligent alarm scans your day’s schedule and wakes you up at the most efficient time to finish your daily chores and reach the office. Your mattress, footwear, and personal care products keep an eye on any impending health issues, send the reports directly to your physician, book appointments (looking at your calendar and theirs), and notify you of the appointments. Your smart kitchen devices recommend healthy eating options depending on your preferred diet and the dietician’s instructions. The CES 2021 showcased futuristic products (from both small and large firms) that could make smart living a reality very soon.

Welcome to the future!

An incoming change in smart homes category @ CES2021

The year 2020 saw all of us staying indoors for the better part of the year. The COVID 19 pandemic witnessed our smart homes becoming our primary care hub. AI-enabled technology has changed the way we take control of our healthcare – from video-consultations with doctors to telemedicine, and remote patient monitoring. Besides, the recent pandemic has increased our need to focus on our health while maintaining social distancing. The current crisis inspired the companies to introduce innovative health gadgets and remote-monitoring devices. The technology is evolving to incorporate and seamlessly integrate digital health with smart devices. The products integrate, monitor, and timely report, making preventive healthcare possible with increased health accessibility and awareness. Managing and delivering individual healthcare is a must-need for every smart home, and we are seeing an interesting array of products in the space. 

CES 2021, albeit digital this time, stood up to what it represents: the largest tech event showcasing cutting edge innovations. Smart homes, digital health, and fitness got much-deserved attention this year, amidst the recent pandemic. New technology was unveiled that makes homes healthiest, in addition to a convenient and secure place. Devices that were considered frivolous and crazy until last year has made inroads into our daily lives now, gaining much relevance. 

The US digital healthcare space is estimated to increase to over $5 trillion by 2026, per Global Markets Insights. With a robust digital outlook, firms highlighted their cutting-edge solutions from wearable devices to telehealth and virtual care.  

Increased focus on cleaning and disinfecting spaces:

The coronavirus and the bid to stay home was a huge motivator for the air purifier segment. 

TCL’s Breeva A3 air purifier came up with the unique Breeva shield technology that comes with a 3-stage filtration process for handling airborne microbes, bacteria, dust, and pet odors. 

Air purifier companies are increasingly focusing on using eco-friendly washable filters to reduce wastages. Companies like OneLife, Luftqi, and CleanAirZone purifiers have brought innovation in the methods of filtration using environment-friendly hardware technology. 

The rise of mighty home cleaning smart bots:

Samsung showcased its JetBot 90AI– a sleek robot vacuum that does much more than just clean your home. Equipped with LiDAR, 3D sensors, and a self-emptying Clean Station, it also lets you use its integrated camera to keep a watch on your home and pets along with its intelligent home cleaning. 

Roborock’s top-of-the-line S7 offers high-intensity scrub settings that combine the benefits of a robot vacuum and a mop in one. The device is compatible with Alexa, Siri, and Google Home returns to the dock ensuring efficient, uninterrupted cleaning.

Samsung was a front runner at the event for showcasing the most outstanding AI-enabled home care appliances and garnering accolades for their cutting-edge technology. Samsung’s Bot Handy is meant to be “an extension of you”. The futuristic product uses AI to recognize and pick-up objects by moving around the house on a rolling base, swivel side-to-side, and raise themselves to reach higher objects. The BotCare 5 uses similar technology to respond to user’s needs acting as a robotic assistant and a companion. 

Ubtech’s Adibot is a giant cylindrical robot that can clean and disinfect spaces using UVC lights, a must-needed during Covid times. Now that is what we call a stitch in time!

Smart products combine old usages with new health applications.

TOTO, a 100-year old Japanese company has brought much innovation in the integrated smart toilets of the new smart homes. The world’s most advanced and largest toilet manufacturing company has changed the way we think (or look!) about the most less-thought-about activity. The increased focus on health monitoring combined with the increasing elderly population and increasing awareness about the need to preserve water and energy are the major drivers for the smart toilet segment for wider implementation in residential and commercial enterprises. 

This year, TOTO introduced its all-new AI-enabled Wellness Toilet, which analyses the waste and sends notifications around physical and mental health parameters through an app on users’ smartphones. The product uses cutting-edge technology that demonstrates a healthy, clean, and comfortable lifestyle, especially during the pandemic crisis. TOTO’s Touchless fixtures ensure the customers are protected from infectious disease transmission. 

Innovative non-intrusive ways of health monitoring

Modern healthcare has come out with promising smart devices that make information accessible at the tap of your finger. ForeAider Z Smart Sensing Pad makes sleep monitoring easy in older adults. The pad tracks the movements and other vital health statistics with ease. A smart pad designed for elders, it does not require the elderly to wear the devices but are used in mattresses to record and maintain each detail. This contact-free device can even track movements on the bed or falling off the bed. 

Smart Beds to improve quality of sleep, at the same time track your key health parameters

Smart adoption of health monitoring in our own hands is the implementation of smart beds. Surveys indicate rising instances of sleep disorders, with insomnia being the most common sleep disorder and alarmingly affecting the very young population.

ChiliSleep’s OOLER is a next-gen product that comes with a smart sleep system to cool your bed to your desired levels. Embedded with the OOLER technology, it uses temperature control to maintain the quality of your sleep and compliment your circadian rhythm. The statistics are controlled via apps on your smart home devices and phones making it a helpful parameter in sleep tracking. 

The all-new ErgoMotion Quest bed showcased at the event comes with loaded features that track your sleep habits and communicate with your smart home products. ErgoMotion smart beds are programmed to track your sleep movements, snoring, automatic mattress adjustments, and other sleep habits and upload them on your smartphones. 

We expect in the coming years, an increasing number of smart healthcare devices will gain prominence and integrate with smart home devices creating smart and healthy homes. This upcoming megatrend will impact other adjacent industries dramatically. For instance, digital health services/product providers would be the newcomers into the future eco-system of construction and real-estate business. We can expect a rise in collaborations, partnerships between health care players and infrastructure developers. Similarly, it will be interesting to see is how different ecosystems come together and work in tandem to offer a seamless experience to end-users. 

Ideapoke is already seeing a great interest inflow from its current clients, the top players belonging to insurance, smart city, digital health, etc. about the potential impact analysis on their business. We are set to provide them with AI-powered insights to identify the upcoming opportunities, risks, potential business model changes, changing market dynamics, and more to help the key decision-makers to design ‘growth-strategies’.

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