Healthy Foods and Biodegradable Packaging

Increasing Consumer Demand for healthy foods

Growth in consumer demand for organics, wholefoods, healthy foods and biodegradable packaging is an incentive for your business to create new food products or use new production methods.

Customers may be inclined to pay more for:

  • safer food with a longer shelf life
  • food that is certified organic or bio-dynamic
  • increased nutritional value
  • more appealing food with improved texture, taste or freshness.

Foods with added health benefits

Consumers are becoming increasingly health conscious and interested in foods with additional health benefits, known as functional foods, as a way of managing health concerns such as weight and high cholesterol.

Functional foods can be foods modified to promote health and well-being, fortified with concentrated ingredients or grown chemical-free to improve performance or reduce disease risks.

Organics and wholefoods

The global organic industry is a fast growing food category, with demand outstripping supply in most developed economies. This presents significant business growth and export opportunities for your business.

To promote your product as certified organic, you will need to contact an organic certifying organization approved by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.


Biodegradable food packaging

Design and construction of your food packaging can increase food shelf life and influence customer buying decisions. Packaging plays a basic role in keeping food safe and maintaining its quality, but companies are turning towards more biodegradable packaging options with less impact on the environment.

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