Saturday, August 17, 2019
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Technology Scouting Component of Open Innovation
In today’s ultra-competitive and fast-changing business environment, innovation distinguishes the winners from the laggards. Open innovation is playing a very important role in redefining the business models, innovation ecosystem of many organizations and is now recognized as a critical tool for accelerating growth. Technology scouting is the term used to identify emerging technologies; channel technologies related information into an...
Innovation through Crowdsourcing
Innovation through Crowdsourcing in 4 steps. Innovation is among the top priorities of many companies worldwide. Almost all of the CEOs polled by PWC in 2013 see innovation as their primary focus or one of their priorities. But kick-starting innovation is a big hurdle to overcome for most companies. A study of Booz & Company shows only a quarter of...
MOOC and Crowdsourcing
Massive open online course (MOOC) is a new paradigm in education. Already many top universities like MIT, Harvard, and Stanford, are offering these courses in various disciplines. Students from across the world are enrolled in these programs. Some of the largest MOOC classes being offered today have more than 50,000 students enrolled. edX, founded last year has already got...
NASA's Grand Challenge to Crowdsource
NASA’s grand challenge : Crowdsourcing ideas to save the planet from asteroids We have learned in the last 20 years about how life evolved on planet earth and how dinosaurs became extinct. The recent meteor strike in Russia was not that catastrophic but still a wake-up call on what could happen again if a large object from space struck our planet....

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