Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Agricultural Innovation in India
The spirit of innovation is on display in India’s agriculture sector more than anywhere else the world. With a population of over 600 million people being supported by the sector, and given the spectrum of well-known constraints challenging its performance, the successes of India’s agriculture are the greatest testimony to the immense creativity and innovative and enterprising spirit of...
Why big companies can't innovate
Big corporations do work very hard on making new ideas come to life in the world of technology. Global technology leaders like Samsung spends over $10 billion annually on research and development and employs 50,000 talented and driven individuals to accelerate the pace of innovation. But, one thing is becoming perfectly clear in all cases:  once a company gets to...
Companies with brand loyalty
The recent Forbes study said, “Consumers are no longer Brand Loyal “. Today the brands like Blackberry, Kodak which was once household names are today being challenged to survive in the market. The era of “Moment Marketing” has come to an end. Companies have to become the part of their customers “Reality & Experiences”. The customers need awareness, authenticity...
Innovation- food and beverage industry
The business environment in the food and Beverage industry is changing rapidly with alteration in innovation needs of the company and how they codify innovation. The food and Beverage industry is viewed as a low-tech industry. However, the good news is the Food & Beverage industry is adopting the open innovation. The paradigm of open innovation is of interest to...

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