coating in chemical industry

Coatings in Chemical Industry

Self-healing anti-corrosion coatings

You surely have heard that bridges, underground pipelines, and offshore platforms are coated to prevent the corrosion of the metal. And you are right, they are coated to prevent internal corrosion but the surface corrosion still is the major challenge in the construction industry.

The surface layer is at high risk during transportation, service, and installation. Damages happen at the micron level, making it harder to detect.

Researchers have found the solution by using reactive microcapsules. The reactive Microcapsules has demonstrated the ability for coatings to self-heal. Microcapsules are synthesized to contain reactive core materials with self-healing functionality upon damage. Coatings that have been modified with the microcapsules exhibited excellent corrosion protection performance under laboratory and outdoor environments.

Synthesized microcapsules are tuned to resist water or solvent, making them suitable for coatings and paints of underwater structures. This technology could be applied to waterborne or solvent-borne paint systems, especially for underwater and underground structures that require heavy-duty corrosion protection. This coating is one of the best innovative Coatings in Chemical Industry.

Reducing Energy usage with Nano-coatings

Thermochromic nano-coatings employed appropriately can help reduce energy usage and generate savings, coatings either absorb heat or permit its reflection, depending on their temperature. Minute dimensions – major effects. Nanoparticles possess an especially large surface-area-to-volume ratio. This makes them extremely efficient and reactive. Tiny amounts are sufficient to produce large effects. Researchers of the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT in Pfinztal near Karlsruhe are utilizing this characteristic to create novel coatings. They are incorporating active Nano-materials into polymer systems. These coatings can be applied easily like paint or varnish.

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