With more than 500+ exhibitors including some amazing new entrants, innovations in sensors were found to be a great interest for Automotive players. However, there has some cool innovations like Flexible electronics that drew a lot of attention with its scope of application.

Advancement in technologies like AI, Machine learning, Big data etc. in every industry has made the need for real-time data mandatory, which has increased the demand for variety of sensors. CES 2019, has become the center for some amazing sensor technologies for applications in Automotive, Healthcare, Smart homes, Industrial applications etc.

To start with Ouster, displayed its newest multi-beam flash lidar sensor, has been awarded the CES Innovation Award in the Vehicle Intelligence and Self-Driving Technology category. The OS-1-128 has a 45° vertical field of view, the widest available of any commercially sold high-performance lidar sensor, forms the dense point clouds necessary for object detection and machine learning in autonomous driving.

Other interesting innovations in sensors for automotive include, LiDAR based self-driving technology by Baraja, Stereo Camera sensors for 3D view by Mynt Eye which provides accurate depth sensing with a flexible range between 0.5 to 20 meters.

Royole has doubled down on flexible touchscreens, showcasing an entire line of flexible electronics ranging from Qwerty keyboard, selfie stick and also a purse with flexible touch screen. Tacsense Inc. is another Smart fabrics startup with Flexible Iontronic Sensing (FITS) Technology which utilizes proprietary ionic materials to establish an ionic-electronic interface in response to mechanical stimuli.

A new startup called Palo Alto Innovations had made its debut with signature product, Node-ify packed with a bunch of sensors and a weirdly random bunch of applications. The device is billed as the first universal home sensor and comes equipped with an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a temperature sensor, humidity sensor, leak detector, light sensor, and a microphone and speaker.

Overall, it has been quite an interesting show of sensors at CES 2019, with more focus on Automotive, Flexible electronics and smart touch systems.

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