This year at CES 2019, there was a sound response to the innovations related to Smart cities. Exhibitors from across the big eco-system of Smart cities from automated street lights to Car to car communication for centrally-planned traffic flows till energy management platforms, innovations have shown a promising gesture towards realizing the smart city dream soon

Realizing benefits through effective smart cities solutions will require a new level of collaboration between public and private partners and innovative funding and financing models. Show buyers, investors, policymakers and the media how your Smart Cities solutions and applications improve sustainability, mobility, and livability with a dedicated exhibit space at CES Smart Cities.

This year at CES there was an entire section devoted to smart city initiatives municipalities are rolling out in many cities around the world, or planning to. From automated street lights that change color to alert you of a hazard, to centrally-planned dynamic traffic flows and car-to-car communication, cities will change rapidly. But how they will manage these changes is another story.

Deloitte took a visionary—and practical—look at all things smart: mobility, connectivity, the enterprise, cities, and entertainment. Engineering company Bosch is developing a “vehicle-to-everything” (V2X) communication system that uses 5G, WiFi, and other cellular networks to connect cars with one another and nearby transit infrastructure. The V2X system, which Bosch says works with technologies from multiple countries and manufacturers, uses Bosch hardware and software from Portuguese startup Veniam.

Parkki, has developed a machine learning software and smart sensors installed on street lamps, it helps parking managers and drivers reducing traffic jam and pollution.

Start-up My safe patrol developed a AI-driven platform that analyzes data and responds with geolocated alerts in real time. By aggregating data from security personnel, citizen alert systems and IoT smart devices, MSP effectively supports the security ecosystem of any area or district through a dynamic dashboard that helps command and control operations, manage security plans.

Energy & waste management is definitely the crucial stepping stone in achieving the dream of smart cities and few startups seems to have identified it as their focus. Streelight data, PilliotY, Bioceanor are one of the interesting startups working on SaaS mobility measurement Platform, IoT and AI-based solutions for the smart cities,  Real-time water quality monitoring respectively.

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