Successful Solutions in Personal Care

The 5 Most Interesting Cases – Successful Solutions in Personal Care

1. Increase the Coating Durability of Hair Dye

Success Stories ChemicalsUsually, the hair dye products don’t have long lasting effects as the dye coating on hair would get worn out very fast. The coating gets worn off because of the less affinity between hair surface and the coloring agent.

Solution – A compound/molecule which can improve the durability of hair dye by creating an affinity between the hair surface and the coloring agent.


2. Processes for Quality Control of Hair Dye Formulations

Successful Solutions in Personal Care

Proven quantitative quality control instruments which can be used in production environment and dramatically reduce or eliminate human interventions/involvement have been found. This ideally allows to efficiently and reliably interface with plant SAP system to automatically store analysis data of every lot and based on pre-set thresholds determine ‘accept’ vs. ‘reject’.
The new processes helped cut the existing QA time per lot considerably while still maintaining the approach as robust and reliable.


3. Health Monitoring and Diagnostics

Successful Solutions in Personal Care

The search for innovative, non-invasive technologies which can accurately measure and monitor key health metrics has reached its resolution. This could be glucose levels, blood pressure, micro-nutrients’ status or watching other parameters that help disease management, preventative health and provide real-time data for better diagnosis.



4. Provide Economically Viable Drugs for a Large Populace

Successful Solutions in Personal Care

Technologically feasible and economically viable delivery system to develop low cost broad spectrum antibiotics has been found. It ensures that medicines can be dispatched at free or minimal cost to the countries where people lack access to basic healthcare facilities and medicine.


5. Quick Dry Soap Container

Successful Solutions in Personal Care

The client developed a product in the toilet soaps segment – which had excellent effect on skin cleaning and nourishing but took longer time to dry than the normal soaps, resulting in inconvenience during the next use.

The solution was a technology to develop quick dry soap container with the capability to modify the design of the container such that it fitted the unique design of the soap.Visit Ideapoke to learn more about new unsolved technical challenges.

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