Sustainable Packaging Challenge

Sustainable Packaging – What’s the Fuss?

In our last article, we had presented the major challenges that the Packaging industry is facing. Here, we will discuss one of the most significant concerns – ” Sustainable Packaging Challenge ” in detail. The packaging companies are under pressure to create packaging products which are more sustainable.

There are 4 critical functions of packaging:

  1. Preserve and protect the product
  2. Communicate the brand image.
  3. Convey information.
  4. Offer convenience.

The packaging industry is facing a complex problem. Consumers are more concerned than ever about the environment, as evidenced by a 2014 internal Tetra Pak survey covering 25 countries. However, these consumers are passively green—they want companies that make the products they buy to do the heavy lifting. There is often a disagreement between the packaging experts and the consumer. The packaging experts are frustrated that little credit is given to the industry for reducing the packaging foot prints and there is a minuscule consumer appreciation of the fact that the environmental impact of a product’s packaging is often a fraction of the impact of the product itself.

Sustainable practice has become essential to the perception and identity of a brand. Another big challenge is where consumers want sustainable packaging but are not prepared to pay for it. Moreover, the consumers want more than “Just” Green Packaging – Eco-responsible packaging that empowers social consciousness. The ones who care are increasingly taking time to read the labels. The most sustainable packaging solution for one product may not be the solution to the other. There are other factors which need to be scrutinized as well. The major challenge is the environmental and social issues with the packaging waste.

There are different requirements on sustainable packaging from different consumers and industries.

Companies / Consumers Sustainable Packaging Challenge
Government Move from weight to carbon focus.
Retailers and FMCGs Focused on weight reduction, cost-reduction.
End users Unwilling to pay a premium for sustainable packaging.


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