Most Innovative Companies of 2016



Beating both Facebook and Amazon, as well as Uber, Apple and Alphabet, it’s media darling and animal listicle inventor Buzzfeed which has been named the most innovative company in the world for 2016.

It’s business model is inspired in part by Google, which “built a search engine where you put in a keyword and you get relevant results, and you also get relevant sponsor results,” Peretti explains. “It’s the same engine that’s powering recommendations to queries. When they get better at doing that core thing for consumers, they also make more money.”



At Facebook, all top executives are cast as entrepreneurial thinkers, not as judges. “They’re just other people on the team, in a way, even if they are Time magazine’s Person of the Year. It’s innovation process is less about getting approval, and more about getting these thinkers to participate. The way Facebook is promoting mobile innovation internally is by creating an internal mobile design think tank, which it established last year. The team created mobile-experience best practices for all of Facebook and has a strategy for 1-2 years in the future.Facebook is working on refining the experience of “contextual sharing,”



Uber is a paragon of operational intelligence. Uber’s real innovation has been in working with governments around the world where it has been “outstanding”. The other sharing economy companies – those firms that aim to make a profit by providing a platform that enable people to share their properties, cars, and other possessions – will now look to Uber as role model for how to work with governments as they expand internationally.



American entertainment company has been innovating at the same time improving the service for its more than 93 million customers. In December 2016, it rolled out a major user interface upgrade, replacing static poster images with custom-created preview videos that automatically play when you scroll over a title card.

This redesign, required a combination of creativity and data science insights, encourages Netflix’s subscribers to discover what to watch rather than browse its catalog. The upgrade was a company wide effort that took nearly three years, demonstrating Netflix’s commitment to standing out from competitors such as Amazon for more than just content.The company also unleashed a download and go feature, which allows users to watch shows offline, and has expanded into 130 new countries.



The cloud computing giant and the largest American e-commerce company joins the list of most innovative companies of 2016 for evolving from e-commerce to cloud services. Amazon has been focusing on giving the best customer service, handling inventory, and delivering top quality products within less time. It also sells digital content like movies, music and apps.

Amazon has also been innovating through it’s web Services arm the multi-billion-dollar provider of cloud-based services for millions of business customers around the world, including government agencies and universities. And it’s a major player in consumer electronics and is also offering devices such as Fire tablets and TV boxes. Jeff Bezos’s business philosophy is more focused on long-term customer loyalty over short-term profits and never-ending expansion into new businesses—have been surprisingly consistent over the years.



No guesses on this one.Apple became the world’s most valuable company by being its preeminent maker of computing devices like Macs,Apple Watch,iPhones, iPads and much more. In terms of creativity,Apple’s has been innovating in the hardware as well as software engineering to create exceptional experiences for their users.Apple, by contrast, designs its own chips—so an iPhone packs a processor designed specifically optimized for Apple’s operating system, apps, display, camera, and touch sensor. The company has gotten so good at chip design that the A10 Fusion inside the iPhone 7 trounces rival processors in independent speed benchmarks.

Apple has also made major inroads in artificial intelligence.For instance, Apple uses AI techniques to get as much life as possible out of the iPhone’s battery. Because of Apple’s privacy-driven decision to limit the amount of information it aggregates and analyzes in the cloud, it also does much of its AI right on the devices rather than using massive server farms. The company has been expanding beyond its traditional consumer electronics roots and is growing an entertainment business with Apple Music and Apple TV. In March 2016, Apple announced CareKit, an open-source platform that makes it easier for developers to aggregate and share patients’ medical information with their caregivers—all with consent.

Alphabet by Google:


Alphabet, the holding company founded to house Google and all its web-based properties also joins the list of most innovative companies of 2016.Google has diversified from Search, Analytics, Ads, Android to driver-less cars and life-extension research to high-speed Internet. Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin created Alphabet as part of a bold restructuring through which they hope to nurture Google’s multifarious ventures into significant businesses, rather than hobbies that drag on Google’s earnings.

Alphabet is not a small gamble: Not all of its futuristic ideas will work.But Page and Brin’s willingness to reinvent themselves according to their growing ambitions almost 20 years into Google’s existence is a model worth studying for people looking to create big change in the world.

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