Arguably, we are the greatest threat to the planet earth. The question “Why Innovation matters?” has been answered by top level CEO’s and predominantly by business magnets. No doubt, that innovation matters and it is an essential action we try doing in some way or another. Today, the hot debate topic amongst us is about climate change and what can we do to slow down the global warming.

Before we try to even suggest innovative solutions to the problem, let’s go deeper and try to understand “What has changed the face of nature? “. We have plunged into a circus ring, where innovation and its effect will loop until we realize the harm a particular innovation has done to planet earth. Again, vice versa action is taken to innovate the solution to the problem we originally innovated.

You may ask if innovation is really killing us. Let me be clear, I do not overlook the phase of innovation during the industrial revolution that brought us stupendous benefits. We considered to reduce the consumption of non-renewable energy and leveraged the wind and solar energy to reduce the climate crisis. ­­­­­

But we have to realize that we are not foresighted. The problem lies in missing the pre-anticipation of negative effects an innovation carries along with its commercialization benefits. We innovate to solve problems, but those innovations create new problems of their own, which requires more innovation until we innovate ourselves into oblivion. Perhaps we need to take a step back, both in terms of taking a critical stance on innovation and also in terms of returning to some older, traditional methods.

A proper framework is needed to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of innovation. Assessment should be the top most priority for the companies and individual innovators. Ultimately, our final goal should be to make this world a livable and happy place.

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